The Lemurian Dynasty

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Lemurian History


The information shared below is the sole channelling of Jay of Lemuria. Please take away only what resonates for you, and feel free to share your own ideas and interpretations with Jay by contacting her.

Ancient History

In the beginning, there were Stars. The stars shone in the sky like so many heartbeats, the motors behind millions of civilizations. This story is not about how those civilizations met, nor even what lines separated them. The names and locations do not matter. What is important is that the Starfolk did come together, and founded a new world. Gaia, they called her. Mother Earth. And she was everything beautiful and Divine. The Starfolk steadily poured in, creating an exquisite gathering of the most brilliant minds from throughout the universe.

Everything went as planned, for a time. The Starfolk grew together, learned more and more about each other, began to share Love in all its forms. Their children were the first of the true Earthlings, and although their parents told them of the Stars, the Earth was their Home.

The children of the Starfolk helped their parents to create the first great society. It existed on a continent, the size and location of which are inconsequential. The people called her Lemuria, Mu, the Motherland. She was sacred, and helped to aid the people in raising up this great new world.

As time went on, the land transformed. Visitors may have said it looked like one great mountain, while Lemurians knew that many of the tall "mountain peaks" were truly towers of crystal and gem. Everything in Lemuria was built of crystal and extraterrestrial metals, in an architectural style which echoed nature and a whole new art form all at once. The spires of the island served many purposes; some were homes, some look-outs, some great chapels--but all were Sacred. And so, beneath the sparkling, living towers of crystal, there was Lemuria.

In the Satya Yuga, the Golden days, gender was fluid. Spirits could be more feminine or more masculine, but there were no preconceived notions of what one could or could not do because of physical attributes. All were equal, all balanced and whole. People were distinguished by their energies, not by distinguishing physical features. (It is for this reason that many Lemurians have difficulty recalling what they looked like now that they are no longer within the civilization.) All who chose a corporeal form were given "clothes," although they were not made of fabric. They functioned something like energy fields or auras, although their colouring and form could be changed upon will... light which surrounded each Lemurian, shimmering in shades of blue, green, purple, white, gold...

The Lemurians Knew the Earth. They spoke to her, to their island, to the crystals and to each other--most of the time without opening their mouths. They needn't touch the ground to move. Although there was a time in each Lemurians life where they were Children, age and time did not affect them. They were "born" the way they would always be, beings of holy light and synchronicity. Their wisdom was a part of their very existence, knowledge shared from the minute one becomes Conscious. No one was lesser or condemned. All were One.

Time passed in Lemuria. The citizens and their island grew, changed, multiplied. It became custom for Lemurians to tattoo themselves to mark family lines, duties, specialties, personalities... the tattoos became a part of their physical essence, a marker to others of who each being was. Although the simple, varied symbols were exquisite, they were the beginning of the separation which would eventually lead to Lemuria's demise. At some point, Atlantis broke away. Starfolk who were not quite so peaceful found ways to visit Earth. Mother Earth herself became frustrated.

Despite this, much time went by. The Lemurians lived in harmony for some time more, fighting the odds. But when the Prophecies and Visions came, they said goodbye to the surface. A Great Flood was shown to them, the likes of which would wipe out all those who could not breathe in water. In order to preserve their great wisdom and knowledge, the Lemurians buried themselves within the earth. The Mother did protect them, though at a great cost; as soon as they entered the Earth, the Lemurians began to lose bits and pieces of themselves. Without the island's towers to unite them, factions split off once more. They moved apart from each other, allowing distance to be the end of their great civilization.

Their wisdom survived, although just barely. When the Earth had been given time to heal, the last of the Lemurians rose to the surface once more. Throughout aboriginal history, modern Humans see their ancestors rising from the ground, teaching magic and great beauty. In the Native Americans, the Australian aboriginee, the Druids... the Lemurians rose, and shared what little they had left of their beautiful world.

Thankfully, the souls of those Blessed enough to have been one with Lemuria at some time or another cannot truly forget her. Given enough time, enough opportunities for awakening, all Lemurians will remember their first earthly Home. The bliss, the Love, the streets and the hills and towers filled with light. The shifting and wafting of existence, the gentle rhythm of Oneness so closely matched to the Earth's tides. Our physical home may be gone, but We are not.